Various - the unreleased white labels 10 - Various Artists (Ric & Ron) - Rare and Unreleased.

Hot Spot (aka Hot Zone) leads by example. Whether it's a raging battle or a raging fire, he's right in the thick of things—and that's where he's happiest.

Later, the Decepticons tried to drive a rift between the humans and Autobots by using their ground-bound members to pose as crazed Autobot attackers. Hot Spot and Inferno arrived on the scene and used their water sprays to wash off the fake Autobot symbols, revealing the Decepticons underneath. Not beaten yet, Onslaught and Motormaster unleashed a combiner whirlwind attack, but Hot Spot and Inferno whipped their ladders around, sending the Decepticon sub-commanders flying straight into a double kick by Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus . Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #7

Seger describes the song as follows: "It could be about a ballplayer, say thirty-five years old, who is definitely losing it. Or he could be in rock & roll, or he could be a writer, and a lot of people think he did his greatest work when he was young and now he's just cruising. It happens so much to entertainers." Timothy White, May 1, 1980, Rolling Stone. "The Fire This Time."

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Following today's "Beluga " release, the next Yeezy Boost 350 V2 on the schedule is the "Blue Tint" colorway on Dec. 16.

In recent years, Hasbro and TakaraTomy have begun to design toys with retools in mind from the get-go, and thus have created alternate head sculpts and other parts that are often gang-molded with the original release's parts. Those head sculpts are created as prototypes , which occasionally leak out to the public, and sometimes show up in the instructions for the original release most likely by mistake, [3] though Hasbro representatives have stated that those could also be considered "previews". Sometimes those pretool parts end up unused by Hasbro. Some of these have, however, been used long after the fact by TakaraTomy or Fun Publications . (Some instances where the plans went a step further to the point where an actual deco was created for a planned release of the sculpt using the alternate head are listed further above.)

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Various - The Unreleased White Labels 10Various - The Unreleased White Labels 10Various - The Unreleased White Labels 10Various - The Unreleased White Labels 10